My handyperson says he can do my remodel with his cousin Joe for about half the price as the quote from my local contractor.

    Contractors are coordinators, not just professionals who use tools. They serve as quarterbacks, overseeing a team of tradespeople who perform the actual work. It is crucial to understand this distinction when selecting a contractor, as their licensed or non-licensed status can impact your liability as a homeowner.

     Most unlicensed contractors lack liability and/or workers’ compensation insurance, leaving homeowners financially responsible for any damage that occurs during construction. This includes scenarios such as a plumbing leak that ruins a nearly finished $75,000 kitchen. Additionally, if an unlicensed contractor does not have workers’ compensation insurance, homeowners may be held legally responsible for any worker injuries or fatalities on their project. In the absence of a licensed contractor, courts typically consider homeowners to be the official “contractor,” making them fully liable for legal and financial claims.

    Contractor licensing serves to minimize risk and uncertainty for homeowners. It ensures that only qualified individuals, who have passed exams and paid fees, can obtain a license. While licensing is not foolproof and due diligence is still necessary, it effectively filters out unqualified contractors.

      The most important quality of any contractor is honesty. Contractors have numerous opportunities to cheat their clients, making honesty crucial. While not all jurisdictions require licensing, the choice to be unlicensed raises questions. Did the contractor fail the licensing exam or commit a crime preventing licensing? Choosing to be licensed demonstrates a commitment to doing things right, proving competence and providing necessary paperwork. Opting for an unlicensed contractor may save money, but it also entails additional financial and legal risks during your renovation project.

     Bella Kitchen Bath and Flooring takes pride in having Mark Hamilton as their owner, who brings with him four decades of experience as a skilled contractor. Having begun his career building custom homes in the Inland Empire in 1988, he eventually moved to Mission Viejo to expand his expertise. For Mark, obtaining a contractor’s license is not just about securing his position, but also ensuring his customers’ satisfaction. Home renovation is an incredibly personal matter, and his clients trust him with their living spaces. He understands that unqualified contractors can wreak havoc on a renovation project, leading to costly mistakes. By being licensed and bonded, Mark can offer his customers peace of mind, knowing that he is accountable for his employees and has an unblemished record. Interested parties can verify this information, or that of any California contractor, by visiting https//: www.CSLB.CA.GOV and entering Mark’s license number, 544990. For Mark, the inability to obtain a contractor’s license is a tell-tale sign of incompetence, something he takes great care to avoid.

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